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In this video I'm gonna answer the question for you what is Shopify and why do you keep hearing about it why do you keep hearing about all these people making a ton of money off I made you know five thousand dollars in one day on Shopify and all these different crazy things that you're hearing. Want to compare the Shopify experience to other e-commerce platforms? Third-party applications work with Shopify to further add store functionality. It assists you to organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders — all with a few clicks of the mouse.

I don't think it's a problem at all as I heard there are a lot of online ecommerce businesses operating out of the Philippines. Shopify says, "Our job is to make our merchants look their very best in every interaction they have with their customers," and I would say that's completely true.

However, this is Shopify's first step into the retail world, and the POS system is incredibly sturdy for store owners looking to launch their first physical shop and we have no doubt that in time Shopify will offer a multi-inventory solution. Set up a Shopify store.

If you want a small online store - and plan on staying small, then you might want to also check out BigCommerce (just don't go with Volusion because of their Analytics issues). If a customer clicks on that link, then a window that shows all of the available payment options appears.

Store sites can accept payments via PayPal or from more than 50 other payment options; customers' habits can be tracked using either Shopify Analytics or Google Analytics; and Shopify's subscription plans run the gamut, from $26 a month for a basic package to $160 a month for unlimited features.

Because Shopify stores are hosted on their massive infrastructure, pages load fast, which is another important element for SEO. Unless you use Shopify Payments , Shopify charges a transaction fee for every sale you make with your online store, no matter what type of pricing plan you choose.

Of course I want to stay on a low monthly payments but I also would like to have a good tool in my hand to grow the business with time. Not only does Shopify provide eCommerce solutions for online stores, but they also provide POS (point of sale) systems for real world offline stores, as well.

But you still need to apply for Shopify Payments but my understanding is that is is fairly straight forward, and is tightly integrated into your Shopify online store which makes it a bit easier as well. This system is unlike a typical ecommerce business, which involves either manufacturing products or purchasing products from a wholesaler in bulk.

You get your own URL, and you're spared the fee of hosting, but you're restricted only to what Shopify allows you to do. This straightforward approach works well for eCommerce beginners (and lazy entrepreneurs), but not for those that prefer a hands-on approach.

This is a vital step, as you won't be able to receive money from customers if you don't add a payment option. Shopify Pay is likely to be adopted by most stores that use Shopify as their CMS. Shopify Plus , meanwhile, is an additional plan designed for fast-growing merchants with a high-volume of customers - for example, a Shopify Plus store can handle 10,000 checkouts per minute.

There is no shortage of Shopify sites out on the web, as hundreds of thousands of merchants are selling goods through their Shopify online stores. In this Shopify review, we look at one of the most popular online-store building tools currently available. Additionally, Because WordPress and WooCommerce are open source, the developers who create shopify training course the themes and plugins are available for support if you run into any issues.

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